Coin screen

You see the following information and functions on the asset screen:

  2. Coin or token balance and its equivalent in the local currency (calculated in real time).

2. An asset blockchain address: pushing on it copies the address into the clipboard (for the convenience of sending and receiving).

3. Fast access to Receive, Buy, and Send functions.

4. Transaction history. (See Transaction screen section).

Coin Screen 1

5. Additional settings for an asset.
For instance, Bitcoin settings are:

    • Use unconfirmed transactions allows to use incoming bitcoins that are not yet confirmed by the network, effectively creating a queue of outgoing transactions.
    • Edit the transaction before confirmation by miners enables the possibility to fasten up or cancel a transaction – Trustee Booster Kit.
    • Increasing confidentiality turns on HD-wallet mode (address rotation), which results in the generation of a new address for each incoming transaction.
    • Default address type – Legacy/SegWit.

6. Receive: opens an address tab with the asset’s address as QR-code. The code can be copied, scanned, or shared from here; it can also be assigned the transaction sum via the Set amount button.

Coin Screen 2

7. Buy – opens the Swap screen (See How to swap one cryptocurrency for another).

8. Send – opens the tab for transition of assets to another address.

Coin Screen 3