Transaction screen

Select a transaction in the transaction history to get more info about it.

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  2. Short overview:
    • Transaction type: incoming or outgoing;
    • The date of transaction creation in the asset’s network.
    • Status:
      • Success – confirmed by the network (has at least one network confirmation);
      • Processing – is currently in the mempool and avaits for confirmation by miners;
      • Not found – rejected by the network, usually because of low network’s fee;
      • The send/receive amount, excluding the network’s fee.

2. Share – allows you to send the transaction info in one of the available ways.

3. Fast access to Return and Boost functions.

4. Related swap ID is only applicable to swap operations carried out inside the app. The To order button opens the swap details. Show the ID to our support representative in case of a swap transaction error.

5. Sender/Receiver addresses.

6. Transaction hash is a transaction identifier in the asset’s network.

7. Network’s fee is the price you pay to miners for transaction confirmation.

Important! The network’s fee is paid by a sender for transferring assets to a receiver address. The fee is dynamic and does not depend on the transaction amount.

8. Comment (optional): type any transaction-related notes here.

9. Show more – the other transaction details (date, blockchain block, confirmations…) and a link to the transaction in the blockchain explorer.