Main screen

The main screen of the app contains the following elements:

  2. The wallet name. Push and hold to change the name.

2. Notifications about exchange operations, coin price updates, and company news. Push and hold the Bell button to mark all the notifications as read. You can customize the notifications in Settings -> Notifications.

3. Select QR-scanner to scan blockchain addresses in the form of QR-codes in order to connect the wallet to DEX or Dapps through WalletConnect. When WalletConnect is active, a respective icon will light up.

4. App settings.

Main Screen 1

5. The wallet’s total balance in chosen currency. You can change the default currency in Settings -> Local currency. Push and hold the currency icon to quickly switch it to US dollars. The balance updates in real time.

Main Screen 2

6. Add asset button allows you to add any of the available coins from the list to the wallet. Custom ERC20, TRC10/20, or BEP20 tokens can be added through the smart contract address.

7. Push the Eye icon, to hide or show the total wallet balance and coin balances.

8. The asset tab contains the asset balance, its equivalent in the local currency, rates (according to CoinGecko), and the price change in the last 24 hours. Swipe the tab right to quickly send or receive an asset. Swipe left to remove it from the main screen.

Main Screen 3

9. Trustee Smart Swap function. Buy and sell assets (including fiat money) for the best price here. See the Swap section for more detail.

10. Earn – the summary of cashback, loyalty programs, and CPA earnings. See the Earn section for more detail.

11. Support – opens the 24/7 chat with our support specialist.

Main Screen 4