The Trustee Plus Referral Program

Trustee shares 45% of its income
Number of invited users
User Turnover (USDT)
1 000
The size of the bonus
1 125 USDT

How does the Trustee Plus referral program work?

You need to be a verified user of Trustee Plus
Submit a request to Support
Wait for confirmation of the referral program activation
Generate your referral link in the app
Distribute the links and start earning
You need to be a verified user of Trustee Plus
Submit a request to Support
Wait for confirmation of the referral program activation
Generate your referral link in the app
Distribute the links and start earning
Who is the crypto referral program for?
Owners of crypto exchanges and crypto projects
Influencers, arbitrageurs, and media resource owners
Owners of educational programs
How does the cryptocurrency referral program work?
Your reward for the referral program is accrued from the income from transactions of the users you invited, which are combined into two levels.
  • How can I share my referral link?

    To share your referral link, you need to become a verified user of Trustee Plus and apply to participate in the referral program by writing to our support service. After confirming activation, you will be able to generate your referral link in the app and distribute it.

  • How much can I earn using the cryptocurrency referral program?

    The reward in the referral program consists of 45% of Trustee’s income from the transactions of users invited by you, which is divided into two levels. The distribution of rewards can be adjusted from 20 to 25% depending on the level.

  • How and when will I receive payments for the crypto referral program?

    Your reward is credited instantly after each exchange transaction of the user you invited in the exchange currency.

  • What methods of distributing the referral link are unacceptable?

    The following methods of distributing the referral link are considered unacceptable within our program:

    • Fraudulent traffic engagement: You are prohibited from using fraudulent methods or unfair practices to attract new users.
    • Traffic from “black niches”: You are not allowed to attract traffic from illegal or morally dubious sources, such as pyramids, “offices”, drugs, pornography, etc.
    • Branded traffic: You are prohibited from attracting branded traffic from targeted and contextual advertising, ASO. It is also forbidden to create duplicate Trustee websites, with the brand’s identity, brand website style, etc.
    • Compliance with obligations to Trustee Plus: You need to fulfill your obligations and adhere to the restrictions established within the referral program.

    You may also need to report on your actions and progress, if necessary. In case of violation of these rules, you can be excluded from the referral program without warning, your rewards can be canceled, and legal liability may also be possible under the law.

  • Is there a limit to the number of people I can invite through the cryptocurrency referral program?

    Participants can attract an unlimited number of users. The accrual of rewards only occurs for users who have passed KYC and are active in the application.

  • Can I create multiple referral links?

    Yes, in the application you can create an unlimited number of referral links for your own audiences. Each link can be named a unique name and set the commission distribution settings in percentages depending on the user level – 20/25 or 25/20.

  • How can I track my referral accruals?

    You can track the effectiveness of your referral network in the referral program section in the application. Each referral link has its own statistics on the number of invited users, the amounts of rewards in each cryptocurrency and the equivalent in USDT. Rewards are credited instantly to your wallet balance.

  • What cryptocurrencies are supported in the referral program?

    All currencies that are in Trustee Plus are supported by the referral program. You can get more detailed information with this in the application.

Advantages of Trustee Plus

Crypto Card
Open in a few minutes!
More details
0% commission on transfers, 0% for deposits and withdrawals
24/7 and qualified support
Support for 30+ coins, and various methods: TRC20, ERC20, BEP20