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Start your path towards fiscal freedom with the Arbitrum wallet from Trustee Plus – a revolutionary hub for diverse cryptocurrency transactions! Initiate your secure account in a snap – and start enjoying the benefits immediately. Don’t hesitate: experience this thrilling crypto world today!

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How to create a Arbitrum (ARB) wallet

Download and install Trustee Plus
Installation of the Trustee Plus crypto digital currency platform on a smartphone takes a few minutes
Register your phone number
To confirm your phone number, please, receive and enter the code from the SMS.
All done!
Enter the remaining data and use the application
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Download and install Trustee Plus
Installation of the Trustee Plus crypto digital currency platform on a smartphone takes a few minutes
Scanning the QR code with your phone

Sign up for a Trustee card!

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Benefits of the Arbitrum Wallet

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Profitability and transparency

0% commission for USDT/USDC Stablecoin exchanges.
0% international transfers and instant execution.
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Support for various stablecoins USDT, USDC and others.
One account and multiple methods TRC20, ERC20, BEP20.
Exchange of all cryptocurrencies with each other and fiat.
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Innovative security technologies

A digital finance platform based on decentralized protocols.
A safe and convenient way to work with cryptocurrencies.
Instant notifications, Face ID, and two-step authorization (2FA).
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Intuitive interface and well-thought functionality.
Markets section - real-time rates and news.
Human user support, without chatbots.

How to Use ARB Wallet?

Enjoy the numerous advantages of crypto with the Trustee Plus! This app allows you to replenish your crypto wallet with bank cards or free transfers. Thus, you do not need to use additional services to deposit funds.
Looking for an easy way to exchange your crypto coins? The Trustee Plus is one of the best options for this. Instantly swap coins in just a few clicks, so you can quickly and confidently explore the world of cryptocurrency.
Make stress-free and charge-free crypto transfers with the Trustee Plus! With the Trustee Plus, you can be sure of seamless operations with the ultimate convenience as you can transfer money by phone number easily and with 0% fees!

Arbitrum price chart

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Today the price of 1 Arbitrum  is 


Compared to yesterday, the exchange rate of cryptocurrency Arbitrum to the Euro changed by 


The exchange rate of 1 Arbitrum  to the Euro today is

What is Arbitrum (ARB)?

Arbitrum is a layer 2 protocol to solve Ethereum's scalability problem. It allows you to process transactions offline, which reduces the load, which means increased speed and reduced fees. In the future, to improve this indicator, the developers plan to launch the Orbit network, a third-layer protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Arbitrum network?

    Arbitrum cryptocurrency is a young project, a second-level network for scaling Ethereum. Its ARB token was only launched in March 2023. ARB is used to govern the network, where all network fees are paid in ETH or ERC-20 tokens.

    To benefit from ARB with low fees, install the Trustee Plus service.

  • How to sell Arbitrum?

    In Trustee Plus, the following options are available to you for selling Arbitrum (ARB):

    • Selling ARB for other cryptocurrencies using the “Exchange” function. More than 30 cryptocurrencies and tokens are available for this.
    • Selling ARB for hryvnia or euros with subsequent withdrawal to a bank card. Any Visa or Mastercard is suitable for this.
  • Where can I buy Arbitrum?

    The easiest and most profitable way to buy ARB is through a mobile cryptocurrency service that supports bank cards, such as Trustee Plus. To make a purchase, you can use cards from any banks such as Visa and MasterCard.

  • How to add Arbitrum?

    There are three ways to top up your ARB wallet balance from Trustee Plus:

    • purchasing Arbitrum from a bank card for hryvnia and euros;
    • receiving ARB from another cryptocurrency address;
    • transfer of assets with 0% commission from another Trustee user.
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Download ARB Wallet

Acquire your Arbitrum wallet today and protect your cryptocurrencies with assurance! Just a smartphone is needed – download the Trustee Plus app and complete a speedy registration process.

Scanning the QR code with your phone