Trustee Payment Card

Open a Trustee Card in minutes! Pay for your purchases instantly with automatic conversion
Scan the QR code with your phone
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Cash withdrawal
Get cash from any ATM with NFC module
Google Pay and Apple Pay
Easily connect your Trustee card to Google Pay and Apple Pay
Google Pay
Apple Pay

Unlimited Opportunities

With a Trustee payment card you can
  • Pay at over 60+ million stores worldwide
  • Pay for online purchases
  • Use Apple and Google Pay wallets
Card Advantages
  • Instant conversion into local currency
  • Transparent and advantageous rates
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Replenishment of card in EUR
Are you in the EU now?
Perfect payment card without any limits

How to Get a Virtual payment card

  • 1

    Install Trustee Plus and register

  • 2

    Get a virtual Trustee card

  • 3

    Top up your account from 10 euros

  • 4

    Connect your Trustee payment card to Apple Pay or Google Pay

Scan the QR code with your phone
Terms and Fees
  • Cardholder:individuals
  • Main currency of the card:EUR
  • Number of Cards per User:1 card
  • Number of Apple/Google Pay Devices:5
  • Card validity:5 years
  • Card opening fee:10 EUR
  • Card maintenance fee:0 EUR
  • Online/Offline Transactions:0%
  • Cryptocurrency top-up:0%
  • Conversion to EUR:0.5%
  • Transaction limit:5 000 EUR
  • Daily limit:5 000 EUR
  • Monthly limit:50 000 EUR
  • ATM cash withdrawal with NFC terminal:1,5%+1 EUR
  • Daily limit for ATM cash withdrawal:2 000 EUR
  • Monthly limit for ATM cash withdrawal:20 000 EUR


    Open a Trustee payment card in just a few minutes!

    Register and make cashless purchases with your Trustee payment card.

    Scan the QR code with your phone