How to use Trustee Wallet

Trustee Wallet — the best cryptocurrency wallet with secure storage. Profitable purchase of cryptocurrency and tokens via payment cards.
Instructions for Trustee Wallet users
Setup and registration in Trustee Wallet
Trustee Wallet settings
Trustee Wallet replenishment
Cryptocurrency exchange in Trustee Wallet
Withdrawal and transfer from Trustee Wallet
Affiliate Program and Staking in Trustee Wallet
What is Trustee?
Which coins and tokens can I store with Trustee?
Which coins can I stake with Trustee?
Can I store NFTs with Trustee?
Do I need to complete verification to use Trustee?
How can I create a crypto wallet with Trustee?
How can I add a token to Trustee?
Where can I find my wallet address to receive cryptocurrency?
How can I get a Destination tag (Memo) with Trustee?
How can I transfer cryptocurrency to another wallet?
How can I find Transaction History with Trustee?
How can I speed up transactions with Trustee?
How can I cancel a transaction with Trustee?
How many confirmations are required to transfer funds to Trustee?
What is transaction hash?
Where can I find the transaction hash?
How can I track a transaction?
Where can I find a DApp-browser in Trustee?
How to use Wallet Connect with Trustee?
How can I add one more wallet to Trustee?
Is it possible to import a recovery phrase (seed phrase) from another wallet to Trustee?
How to remove a wallet from the app?
Does Trustee provide any program to reward active users?
What is the cashback link?
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