How to set PIN, Face ID/Touch ID

It is important to understand that PIN, Face ID and Touch ID are methods of protection against unauthorized entry into the application, but they will not protect your funds if you compromise your recovery phrase or allow it to be leaked.


To set a PIN and other security methods on your wallet go to Settings and select PIN. Set your PIN and confirm it. You will then be able to enable Face ID/Touch ID, as well as transaction sending confirmation. 


You can only set a PIN on wallets with a reserved Recovery Phrase. 


How to change the PIN code of a wallet


To change your PIN, go to Settings and select Change PIN, set and confirm the new PIN.


What to do if you have forgotten your Trustee Wallet PIN code


Trustee Wallet doesn't have a familiar PIN recovery path as there is no registration. To change your PIN, reinstall the app, restore your wallet using the Restore Phrase and set a new PIN.