How to restore a wallet

To restore the access to your wallet after the loss or failure of your device, follow the steps on a new device:


1. Download Trustee Wallet from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Play Market (for Android) and install it.


2. Open the app, choose Restore  wallet.


3. Enter the Recovery phrase you saved before. Trustee supports phrases 12 and 24 characters long.


Important! Do not change the original order of words. Any change of the original sequence will result in the creation of a new wallet.

How to Recover a Wallet 1


4. Specify the name of the wallet in Settings (Cog icon in the down-left corner) if necessary.

How to Recover a Wallet 2


5. Your wallet will be restored and accessible after you enter the correct Recovery phrase.


Important: If there’s an error during the restore process, make sure the Recovery phrase is correct. The app will offer the available words as you type.

How to Recover a Wallet 3