How to buy cryptocurrency with a card

Before the purchase, make sure that a desired asset is added to your wallet. Otherwise add it with the Add asset button
(See the How to add a coin or a token section).


To make a purchase, select the Swap tab and do the following:


1.  Specify the fiat currency you are giving: EUR, USD or another.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency With a Card 1


2. Specify the cryptocurrency you buy: BTC, ETH or another.


3. Select the Payway – card, bank transfer, or another.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency With a Card 2


4. Select Enter details.


5. Specify the purchase amount in the asset or local currency


6. Add the payment details for the chosen payway. Add a new payment method with the Add button or Change the existing one:

    • Bank card: card number and expiration date.
    • Bank transfer: IBAN for SEPA-compliant payments in euro.
    • QIWI: the telephone number associated with a Qiwi wallet account.
    • ADVCash: ADVCash account details.
    • Perfect Money: Perfect Money account number.
    • Payeer: Payeer account number.
    • YooMoney: YooMoney account number.
    • WebMoney: WebMoney account number.
    • Mobile: international format mobile phone number.


7. Select Search best offer and Trustee Smart Swap will display the best exchanges on top of the list, based on your bid details. Select the one that suits you.Consider the service conditions of exchanges:

    • WorldWide: payments from legal entities.
    • P2P: payments from individuals.
    • KYC: requires customer verification at the exchange.
    • Photo: requires a bank card photo.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency With a Card 3

Important! The exchanges without the KYC tag require no verification!


8. Enter your email and go through identity verification if required by the provider.


9. Confirm the transaction details and select the Accept and pay button if everything is alright.


10. Enter the CVV code of the chosen card and confirm the payment.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency With a Card 4

11. You will be notified about the transaction success after the swap is completed. See the transaction status in the Transaction history.

 How to Buy Cryptocurrency With a Card 5