How to swap one cryptocurrency for another

Before swapping one cryptocurrency for another, make sure that both assets are added to your wallet. Otherwise add them with the Add asset button. (See How to add a coin or a token section).


Note that the swap takes place on a third party service, which is why:

  • to swap ERC20 tokens, positive Ethereum (ETH) balance is required;
  • to swap USDT Omni, positive Bitcoin (BTC) balance is required;
  • to swap BEP2 tokens, positive Binance coin (BNB) balance is required;
  • to swap BEP20 tokens, positive BNB Smart Chain balance is required;
  • to swap TRC20 tokens, positive Tron (TRX) balance is required.


You need a native coin of a given network to cover the network fee.


To swap cryptocurrencies, open the Swap tab and do the following:


1. Select the currency you sell (ETH, for example).


2. Select the currency you receive (TRX, for example).

How to Swap One Cryptocurrency for Another 1


3. Push Enter details.


4. Specify the amount in one of the cryptocurrencies.


5. Select Search best offer and Trustee Smart Swap will display the best exchanges on top of the list, based on your bid details. Select the one that suits you.

How to Swap One Cryptocurrency for Another 2


6. Confirm the transaction details and continue selecting the Accept button if everything is alright.


7. Click Send to finalize the transaction and sell an asset.

How to Swap One Cryptocurrency for Another 3

Important! The network’s fee is calculated dynamically by the app; it depends on the network load at the moment and does not depend on the transaction amount. Lowering the network’s fee may result in the increased confirmation time by miners.

8. As soon as an exchange receives your asset, it will be exchanged for fiat money and the latter will be sent to the account you specified earlier. You can see the status of cryptocurrency transactions in their transaction details; the swap operation details are available in Transaction history.

How to Swap One Cryptocurrency for Another 4 1

Important! The exchange happens the moment the exchange provider receives the funds. Use the suggested network fee to avoid transaction delays!