What to do if it asks for native coin

Since Trustee Wallet is a self-custodial wallet, everything in it works according to blockchain rules. This means that any transaction with cryptocurrency tokens, including USDT, requires a positive balance of the native coin of the network in which it is sent. Specifically:


  • To send TRC20 tokens, you need Tron (TRX);

  • To send ERC20 tokens, you need Ethereum (ETH);

  • To send BEP20 tokens, you need BNB Smart Chain;

  • To send BEP2 tokens, you need Binance coin (BNB);

  • To send USDT Omni, you need Bitcoin (BTC);

  • Similarly with other blockchains.


When sending tokens, native coin is needed to pay the network fee. The network fee does not depend on the amount sent. Swap and sale of tokens is their sending to the exchanger, so even to swap, for example, USDT TRC20 to TRX will need to pay a network fee of 36 TRX. 


You can buy any of the cryptocurrencies that you need to pay the network fee through the Swap button from your card or transfer them to your wallet balance from another service: wallet, exchange.


You can read more about native coins in our article.