TRUSTEE PLUS More than just a crypto wallet

A crypto neobank without banking constraints

Zero Fees

Stablecoin exchange fee
Withdrawal to card fee
Transfer fees
Crypto top-up fee
Crypto card payment fee
Service fee

Advantages of Trustee Plus


Instant transactions and transfers via phone number


Decentralized protocols with multi-level security system


Support for 30+ coins, and various methods: TRC20, ERC20, BEP20


Round-the-clock and qualified support

Crypto Card

Make purchases with your phone through Google Pay or Apple Pay
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Download and Install Trustee Plus

Download and install Trustee Plus
Installation of the Trustee Plus crypto neo-bank on a smartphone takes a few minutes
Register your phone number
Enter the security code from the SMS and confirm the number
All set!
Enter the remaining data and use the application
Download and install Trustee Plus
Installation of the Trustee Plus crypto neo-bank on a smartphone takes a few minutes
Register your phone number
Enter the security code from the SMS and confirm the number
All set!
Enter the remaining data and use the application

With Trustee Plus You Can:

Buy crypto with a bank card
Purchase BTC, ETH, TRX, and other cryptocurrencies with a Visa or MasterCard bank card.
Instant exchange
Exchange any coins with each other at lightning speed for a good deal.
Withdraw to a bank card
Withdraw your assets to Visa or MasterCard bank cards in the currency of your choice.
Safely store cryptocurrency
Trustee Plus is a crypto bank with multi-level protection.
Pay for purchases with crypto
Get a crypto card and pay for your purchases with your chosen cryptocurrency with automatic conversion without any extra steps.

A wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens

Users Reviews

Egor Petrov
Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine, Central Asia Community Manager
Truster Plus is particularly appealing to newcomers. The application allows you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks. Transactions are fast, and the design and interface are very user-friendly. Newcomers can complete an operation within a couple of seconds!
Evgeny Romanenko
An economist of the Austrian School, a presenter at crypto events
Trustee is the most convenient combination of a cryptocurrency wallet and an exchange platform "under the hood." With Trustee, I can control my crypto assets and quickly withdraw the desired amount to any card in fiat currency. It's fantastic!
Igor Stadnik
I have been working with cryptocurrencies for many years and have been searching for a good multifunctional service for a long time. Partially, certain functions could be found in different applications, using them in conjunction. However, I couldn't find a service that combines everything in one place. Finally, I found such a service - Trustee Plus.

Media Publications

Security and Reliability

Regulated provider of virtual asset services
10+ years of team experience in the crypto industry
Multi-level security system

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Crypto Wallet?

    Crypto Wallet is a dedicated programme for managing digital assets. For user convenience, the best wallets offer access to dozens of different popular currencies at once, offer favorable terms and are constantly introducing new and innovative features. One of the best options for such a wallet is the Trustee Plus service.

  • How to Get a Crypto Wallet?

    Today, almost everyone in the world has a smartphone, making it an ideal option for storing and using cryptocurrency for everyday tasks. To get a mobile Crypto Wallet go to AppStore or GooglePlay and search for the Trustee Plus. You’ll find 30+ currencies in one app, 0% transfer fees and 0% fees on cryptocard payments in any European country.

  • How to Create a Crypto Wallet?

    One of the easiest ways to create a Crypto Wallet is the Trustee Plus multi-currency wallet. It will give you access to dozens of popular currencies in one app. Search for the Trustee in the AppStore or GooglePlay. After the free download, go through registration and verification – all of which takes no more than 5 minutes.

  • What is a Crypto Wallet Address?

    A Crypto Wallet address is a set of symbols used to receive funds from other addresses. Each of the cryptocurrencies requires a different cryptocurrency address. For convenience, modern wallets such as the Trustee Plus provide access to dozens of digital assets at once – their total balance can be seen on the home screen.

  • How to Recover Crypto Wallet?

    Unhosted Crypto Wallets use a special key, the Recovery Phrase, to restore access. It is the only method that requires separate secure storage. Services such as the Trustee Plus do not require a key. After registering with your phone number, you can restore the wallet simply by contacting tech support and following the instructions.

  • How to Send Crypto to Another Wallet?

    To send cryptocurrency to another Crypto Wallet you need to have the recipient’s address. It must match the coin to be sent and be spelled correctly – otherwise the funds may be lost. To avoid this, use wallets with additional features – billing, address scanning in the form of QR codes, phone number transfer function.

The Trustee Plus crypto bank on your smartphone

All the features in one application

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