Staking Tron (TRX)

TRX coins remain in your wallet when staking. You can freeze any amount starting from 1 TRX. Rewards can be withdrawn once a day.


How to staking TRX


  1. Install the Trustee Wallet app and top up your balance with TRX coins.

  2. Click the Tron (TRX) tab and access the staking menu by tapping the coin icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  3. To stake TRX, select the desired option: Bandwidth or Energy by clicking on one of them.

  4. Specify the number of coins you wish to stake.

  5. Tap the "Freeze" button.

  6. A notification about the successful transaction will appear in the app.

  7. Reward for staking is accrued every 6 hours and will be displayed in the corresponding section. To withdraw the reward, press the "Withdraw" button. Withdrawal of the reward is available once a day.


How to take TRX out of steaking


  1. Go to the Steaking tab.

  2. Click the "Unfreeze" button on your stake.

  3. In the section that opens, specify the amount.

  4. Click "Unfreeze" and a notification will appear indicating a successful coin unfreeze transaction.

  5. The corresponding transaction will be displayed in the history, where the date of withdrawal of coins to the wallet will be indicated.

  6. After 14 days, the stake will be unfreeze and on the same unfreezing screen you will need to withdraw it to your address. To do this, click "Unfreeze" then "Withdraw" at the top of the screen and the coins will become available for use.


Please note that the procedure to unfreeze and withdraw TRX from staking takes 14 days from the time you click the "Unfreeze" button. Once unfreezing is complete, coins must be manually withdrawn to the wallet on the same screen.