Staking Solana (SOL)

Note: before staking SOLs, make sure you have free coins left on your balance. Do not use the entire amount and leave at least 0.05 SOL free, you will need them to pay network fees for delegate, deactivate and revoke stake!


How to stake Solana


  1. Go to the asset page.

  2. Click on the coin icon in the bottom right corner below the balance.

  3. Select the "Stake" feature.

  4. Enter the number of coins to stake SOL manually or as a percentage of your total balance.

  5. Select the validator you want to delegate coins to from the list provided.

  6. Confirm the staking by clicking the "To Stake" button. Once the confirmation message appears, your stake will be successfully activated.


The activated stake will start working from the next "Epoch", which is about 2-3 days later, and will bring stable passive income according to the conditions of the selected validator.


How to withdraw SOL from staking


  1. Go to the "History" tab.

  2. Click on the bar labeled "Staked".

  3. In the submenu that opens, click "Deactivate."


This will deactivate the stake and unfreeze the coins at the end of the current "Epoch", tentatively 3-4 days later.


Wait the necessary time for the coins to unfreeze and go to the same screen again, where you can click on the "Take All" button. SOL together with the accrued rewards will be added to your wallet balance.