How to add NFT to Trustee Wallet

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a unique token that exists in a single copy.


This type of token is mainly used to create a single digital cast of a unique object – for example, a painting, a soccer card, a song, and other works of art. It is a kind of digital certificate of a unique object.


You can add an NFT asset to Trustee Wallet in several ways:


  1. Create a token on a special site. After the "digitization" of the asset is completed, it will appear in the wallet, in the NFT tab.

  2. You can add an asset directly in the wallet. To do this, you need to swipe right on the NFT tab on the main screen and click on the pencil icon. This way, you can enter or scan the address of the token and add it to your collection.

  3. Receive an NFT from another user.


How do I get the NFT?


  1. Swipe to the right of the NFT tab on the home screen by clicking on the arrow icon or open the NFT tab and click the "Get" button. Both actions will open a tab with your wallet address.

  2. Copy your wallet address (as an alphanumeric or QR code) and give it to the NFT sender.

  3. Alternative. Send your wallet address using the "Share" button (icon in the upper right corner of the screen) or simply by pasting it into the message box of any messenger. At the same time, the indicator of the blockchain on which the NFT is issued must remain active.

  4. Once the NFT is sent to the specified address, the token will appear in the wallet automatically.


How do I send the NFT?


  1. Open the NFT tab on the main screen of the app.

  2. Select the token (from the general list or from a specific collection) you want to transfer and tap on it.

  3. In the token tab that opens, tap the Send button.

  4. Enter the address of the recipient. In Settings, you can select the fee and leave a comment.

  5. Check the transaction details in the receipt and click "Send".


It is important to add an asset to the wallet, in whose network the NFT is created, and to have a small amount of coins on the balance to pay the network commission.