How to find my receiver address

1. To accept a payment, make sure that the respective asset is added to your wallet. Otherwise, add it using the Add asset button. (See the How to add a coin or a token section).


2. Select the asset, copy its address (below the balance info) and share it with the sender.


3. An incoming transaction information (its status, amount, and date) will appear in the transaction history.

How to Find My Receiver Address 1


To share your address as a QR code or an invoice with a preset amount to receive, follow the steps:

  • Select Receive on the asset tab.
  • Specify the amount with the Set amount button. It will generate a new QR code.
  • Share the QR code with the Share button.


How to Find My Receiver Address 2

Important! Be attentive while sharing your receiver address with the sender. Do not accept transactions from another blockchain: it could lead to the loss of assets.