I was sent cryptocurrency, but it did not arrive in my balance

The app only displays the funds that you have on your address in the blockchain.


In case the funds are not displayed on the wallet balance, check the following:


  • The fact of sending cryptocurrencies — request the transaction hash from the sender and make sure the transaction is successful;

  • Compare your recipient address in the wallet with the recipient address in the transaction, they should match;

  • Ensure that you are sent the asset on the blockchain network supported by the wallet and where you expect the receipt. If necessary, include the desired token or coin in the "Add Asset" button;

  • If the token you expect is not in the app, add it via smart contract in the "Add Asset — More" button;

  • Check the quality of the internet connection that the wallet works with.


Each of these points is important and you need to check all of them.


You can accept funds on any network that is available in the app, including: ERC20, TRC10/20, BEP20, Polygon, Harmony ONE, Solana.