Trustee Plus the first сypto neobank!

  • 2023-05-13
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Dear, Friends! 

Cryptocurrency is our reality, but there are still many unrealistic annoying things for everyday use: network fees, native coins, complicated rules and procedures and, of course, slow transactions…

We know how to change that, that’s why in addition to Trustee Wallet we’ve created a brand new product Trustee Plus – First сypto neobank! 

The Trustee team is preparing for a quick launch of this innovative product!  Our goal is to simplify use of cryptocurrencies in your daily life while carefully maintaining all its advantages: financial freedom, speed and simplicity of payments without fees!

Trustee Plus is an absolutely new standard of service which significantly expands the horizon of financial options for cryptocurrencies:

  • 0% fee for UAH transfers;
  • 0% fee for UAH withdrawals to the card; 
  • 0% fee for cryptocurrency transfers;
  • 0% network fee;
  • instant swaps and transfers of crypto by phone number.

Are you ready to try? – So register in our Whitelist at the link right now! 


Only registered users will have access to the benefits of First сypto neobank. And not only that…

To celebrate the launch, we’ve prepared for you:

1. A small, exclusive collection of NFT “Early bird” awards that will only go to the earliest “early birds,” and..

2. A giveaway of precious prizes among Whitelist members:

  •  iPhone 13 Pro Max
  •  iPhone 13
  •  AirPods Pro

The Whitelist is limited in number of places! 

Hurry with the registration and invite your friends. They’ll be very grateful to you and we’ll give you +500 Gift Tokens for each friend, which will increase your chance to win a prize.

We are waiting for you at the registration site and wish you good luck!

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