Where to find transaction details

In the Trustee Plus, you can find out the details of any transaction made since the creation of your account. To do this:

  1. On the main screen or in the menu of the chosen currency, click on the “History” button;
    Where to Find Details 1
  2. Find the transaction by time it was made and click on it.
    Where to Find Details 2


You will see the details of each transaction:

  • Status and date of transfer, exchange or receipt of funds;
    Where to Find Details 3
  • Amount in the chosen currency and in euro;
    Where to Find Details 4
  • The sender’s login or address, transaction ID and sending method.
    Where to Find Details 5


In the menu of each transaction, you can also leave a comment, response or use one of the functions: “Reply with a payment”, “Refund”, “Share”.