How to send funds to another service

To send assets to another cryptocurrency wallet or service, follow these steps:


  1. On the main screen of Trustee Plus, click on “Transfer” and choose currency;
    How to Send Money to Adress 1 Eng
  2. Choose the transaction type “Transfer to crypto address”;
  3. If necessary, choose the network, it should match with the recipient’s network;
    How to Send Money to Adress 2 Eng
  4. Specify the cryptocurrency address by copying it from the clipboard or scanning the QR-code. Never enter the destination address manually;
  5. Enter the amount (the number of coins on the balance will be displayed below the input field);
  6. Click on the “Transfer” button.
    How to Send Money to Adress 3 Eng


You can track the status of transaction upon sending funds in the “History”.