How to add a card to Apple pay

To add the crypto card to Apple Pay, follow these steps.

The whole process will take less than one minute!


  1. Open the Apple Wallet app on your smartphone or install it;
  2. Click on the “+” button, and then click on the “Debit or Credit card”;
    How to Add a Card to Apple Pay
  3. Click on the “Enter card details manually” and fill in the fields. In the field “Name”, be sure to enter your name and surname in Latin letters;
    How to Add a Card to Apple Pay
  4. Choose activation via SMS – the code will be sent to the Trustee Plus.
    How to Add a Card to Apple+pay


That’s it! The crypto card has been added to Apple Pay and is ready for payment through the terminal. Don’t forget to set it up in Apple Wallet as the primary payment card.


If activation via SMS is not available and only the “Call by phone” option is available, contact the Support Service, the “dialogue” icon in the right corner of the screen.