How do you get a Trustee card

To receive a Trustee card, you should be a registered Trustee Plus user with verification, completed with the use of a document of international standard or passport in the form of an ID card. Read more here.


If terms are met, do the following:


1.     Choose “Card” section at the bottom of the Trustee Plus screen;
How to Get a Card

2.     Read the information about the card issue, confirm your agreement with the documents governing the card issue; 

3.     Click on the “Order” button;
How to Get a Card

4.     Read the balance information and click on the “Next”;

5.     Link the asset that will be used for payment. To do this, click on the “Connect a coin” and choose cryptocurrency. You can change it at any time;
How to Get a Card

6.     Pay for the card issue by clicking on the “Pay” button.
How to Get a Card


Then wait for the Trustee card to be issued and add it to the contactless payment service. To add to Apple Pay, you will need this instruction, and to Google Pay this one.


A Trustee card issuance costs 10 EUR. At the same time, its maintenance is completely free and the fee for payments is 0%. The card is valid for 5 years.