Best Verge Wallet App

Prepare to be amazed with our Verge wallet, buy, sell, and exchange platform! Enjoy unparalleled freedom at the click of a button. Easily activate your secure account, so you can quickly get started in this exhilarating world! Don’t hesitate – success is waiting for you!

Benefits of the Verge Wallet - Trustee Plus

Uncover the possibilities of favorable, secure, and private Verge operations with Trustee Plus! Immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrencies with Trustee Plus, easily top up your wallet, quickly transfer funds by phone number, and safely swap and hold your funds with Trustee Plus. Enjoy fast and dependable cryptocurrency transactions with Trustee Plus – your dependable Verge partner!

Efficiency - do not overpay

0% fee for any cryptocurrency Top up 

Instant buy-sell execution at best exchange rates

Borderless instant and 0 % fee transfers


Bank without bank restrictions

Fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins all in one

Free instant borderless transfers 

Innovative security

Backed by distributed protocols

The best approaches and multiple security factor  

Real-time audit technology

Easy to Use

Just install Trustee Plus and register  

Buy or receive Verge (XVG) simply 

Transfer XVG to any of your friend just using contact book

How to Use XVG Wallet?

Trustee Plus is revolutionizing the digital asset landscape, helping individuals navigate cryptocurrency with confidence and ease. With just a few clicks, you can securely purchase, transfer, swap, sell and manage all your crypto operations – simplifying every step of the process. Enjoy the convenience and security of Trustee Plus for all your digital asset transactions – the perfect solution for secure crypto operations worldwide.

How to Top Up

Discover the amazing world of cryptocurrencies with Trustee Plus! Just check out how easy and fast it is to top up your wallet effortlessly, wherever you are. Fund your account with a credit or debit card or get funds deposited into your account via a secure, free, and fast transfer. Stay in control of your finances despite anything with Trustee Plus!

To top up your Verge wallet, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen of Trustee Plus, find and click the asset – Verge;
  • Then click on the “Top Up” button;
  • Copy the address (alphanumeric code) and provide it to the sender;
  • Or, you can share it with the QR code by clicking the “Share” button.

You can also receive XVG by phone number or Trustee Plus user ID.

How to Swap

Trustee Plus is the premier and most convenient platform for crypto swapping. Exchange coins in a safe and secure manner with just one click, allowing you to explore the world of cryptocurrency with ease. Enjoy instant and effortless coin-to-coin swapping, meaning you can quickly and confidently trade without ever leaving the platform. With Trustee Plus, you can trust that your funds are in safe hands, as the platform utilizes the latest in encryption technology to ensure your swaps are secure. Enjoy the most hassle-free crypto trading experience with Trustee Plus.

To exchange Verge (XVG) click on the “Swap” button for the main screen or XVG screen then:

  • Select what you give – Verge (XVG) and crypto you want to receive;
  • Enter the exchange amount or click on percent buttons to automatically calculate the amount from your balance;
  • Now you can see the exact amount to receive and rate;
  • Verify the swap amount and click the Swap button.
  • That is that simple
How to Transfer

Experience the perfect combination of convenience and security with Trustee Plus! Make crypto transactions quickly and securely with their advanced platform that offers free of charge, instant and effortless transfers. Enjoy the convenience of unhindered crypto transferring just by phone number and have total peace-of-mind knowing that your transactions are always safe. Make the most of all the advantages with Trustee Plus – the future of cryptocurrency is here!

Trustee Plus offers list of transfers types:

  • Instant and free transfer to Trustee Plus user using anonymous ID
  • Instant and free transfer to not yet Trustee Plus user using cell phone number
  • Transfer to credit or debit card like Visa
  • Transfer to IBAN account 
  • Transfer using Verge (XVG) address
Download Trustee Plus XVG Wallet

Unleash its full potential: download the App and experience the power of the crypto world right now.


  • What is a Verge Wallet App?

    The Verge wallet app is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store, send and receive XVG as well as other cryptocurrencies. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

  • What is the Best Verge Wallet App?

    Trustee Plus is the best Verge wallet app because it has a very user-friendly interface. Additionally, it has a host of features that make it better than other wallets available on the market. These features include an in-app exchange, multiple currency support, and a built-in password manager. Trustee Plus also allows users to restore their wallets if they ever lose their phone or accidentally delete the app. Finally, Trustee Plus is one of the few Verge wallets that are currently available on Android devices.

  • What is a Verge Wallet Address?

    A Verge Wallet Address is a digital address that is used to receive and send Verge (XVG). It is a string of alphanumeric characters between 27-34 characters long. It can be used as an identifier for sending and receiving transactions on the Verge blockchain, like a bank account number. The wallet address also serves as your username when interacting with various applications or services that use or support Verge.