Best Shiba Inu Wallet App

Unlock an alternative financial realm with our innovative Shiba Inu wallet! With just one click, you can access a secure account that cuts out long-winded onboarding processes and provides immediate buying, selling, and exchanging options—making life easier for savvy investors. Experience the ultimate freedom now!

Benefits of the Shiba Inu Wallet - Trustee Plus

Trustee Plus makes Shiba Inu operations secure, confidential, and easy. With a few simple steps, you can make purchases with your credit or debit cards securely from anywhere in the world – all while maintaining your privacy! Enjoy the convenience and security of Shiba Inu operations with Trustee Plus – the perfect solution for secure and private transactions.

Efficiency - do not overpay

0% fee for any cryptocurrency Top up 

Instant buy-sell execution at best exchange rates

Borderless instant and 0 % fee transfers


Bank without bank restrictions

Fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins all in one

Free instant borderless transfers 

Innovative security

Backed by distributed protocols

The best approaches and multiple security factor  

Real-time audit technology

Easy to Use

Just install Trustee Plus and register  

Buy or receive Shiba Inu (SHIB) simply 

Transfer SHIB to any of your friend just using contact book

How to Use Shib Wallet?

Trustee Plus is revolutionizing the way users interact with cryptocurrency. With its easy-to-use platform, it’s never been easier to purchase, swap, sell, or receive digital assets. In just a few clicks, users can confidently and safely complete transactions without any hassle.

How to Top Up

Discover the advantages of cryptocurrency with Trustee Plus. Our platform makes it easy and free to top up your digital wallet, so you can start taking advantage of the favorable perks without having to worry about any extra costs. Maximize your profits in a safe and secure environment, and experience the success of digital assets today. Unlock the world of cryptocurrency and its advantageous perks with an effortless refill of your wallet from Trustee Plus – take advantage of the complimentary top-up now, and experience all the benefits of this App with the free wallet top-up feature! Unlock the limitless possibilities of the digital asset market and revolutionize the way you manage your finances.

To top up your Shiba Inu wallet, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen of Trustee Plus, find and click the asset – Shiba Inu;
  • Then click on the “Top Up” button;
  • Copy the address (alphanumeric code) and provide it to the sender;
  • Or, you can share it with the QR code by clicking the “Share” button.

You can also receive SHIB by phone number or Trustee Plus user ID.

How to Swap

Transform your crypto swapping experience with Trustee Plus! Enjoy the convenience of quick, effortless transactions – no waiting time required. Say goodbye to complicated transfers and say hello to easy coin conversion – with Trustee Plus, crypto swaps are simpler than ever before. Make the most of every cryptocurrency trade and enjoy the benefit of easy, effortless crypto swapping – with Trustee Plus!

To exchange Shiba Inu (SHIB) click on the “Swap” button for the main screen or SHIB screen then:

  • Select what you give – Shiba Inu (SHIB) and crypto you want to receive;
  • Enter the exchange amount or click on percent buttons to automatically calculate the amount from your balance;
  • Now you can see the exact amount to receive and rate;
  • Verify the swap amount and click the Swap button.
  • That is that simple
How to Transfer

Unlock the ultimate convenience of the crypto world with Trustee Plus! Make transactions fast and secure with their free and instant transfers – get total peace of mind. Streamline your crypto operations in an instant with a simple click – Trustee Plus is the perfect solution for crypto users. Make the most of every trade and get ready for smooth sailing in the world of digital currency – start using Trustee Plus today!

Trustee Plus offers list of transfers types:

  • Instant and free transfer to Trustee Plus user using anonymous ID
  • Instant and free transfer to not yet Trustee Plus user using cell phone number
  • Transfer to credit or debit card like Visa
  • Transfer to IBAN account 
  • Transfer using Shiba Inu (SHIB) address
Download Trustee Plus SHIB Wallet

Now is the time to take control of your Shib with our simple-to-use wallet! Download it now and enjoy secure storage for all your tokens.