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Trustee Plus is the optimal platform for purchasing Stellar with the lowest charges. It provides security and the potential for profitable transactions.

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Benefits to Buy Stellar on Trustee Plus

Trustee Plus ensures safe and private transactions for buying Stellar. Acquire Stellar securely and effortlessly, either through a debit or credit card, or by exchanging another cryptocurrency for Stellar. All you need is a European bank card from any payment system – Visa, Maestro etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Buy Stellar with a Credit Card?

    To buy Stellar (XLM) with a credit card, you’ll need a convenient service such as the Trustee Plus. It supports over thirty cryptocurrency (coins, tokens, stablecoins) and fiat assets – including euros. It allows you to buy assets, sell them on a card and exchange them within one universal application.

  • What is the Best Way to Buy Stellar?

    The best way to buy Stellar is to use a cryptocurrency wallet with a credit card asset purchase feature. With a wallet like the Trustee Plus you can buy XLM with one of the lowest fees in Europe. A credit card from any bank will do. Any card from Visa to Maestro will do.

  • Where to Buy Stellar?

    Of all the options where you can buy XLM, one of the best in terms of security and convenience as well as benefit to the user is a mobile wallet such as the Trustee Plus. You can buy different currencies, including XLM, with a credit card. Any bank in Europe – from Visa, MasterCard or any bank system – will do.

  • How Much Stellar Should I Buy?

    You can buy Stellar in any quantity. In the Trustee Plus app, to take XLMs, you need to top up your EUR account with your credit card. After that, in the exchange section, select EUR and XLM and specify the purchase amount. This can be done either manually or by clicking on one of the suggested options.

  • What Can You Buy with Stellar?

    Stellar was launched to make currency payments around the world. It does this particularly well when combined with the right platform, such as the Trustee Plus. A cryptocurrency card from the Trustee and XLM will allow you to buy anything. You can also buy XLM to top up your account directly in the app.

  • When to Buy Stellar?

    To buy Stellar at the best possible price, it is important to analyze the market. To do so, you can use a special market explorer, such as the Markets section of the Trustee Plus. It is best to buy assets during a correction period. Buying during the up phase for fear of losing profits is a common mistake for novice investors.

Buy XLM Using the Trustee Plus

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