What is a WalletConnect and how to use it

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Every user needs a universal platform to access all the possibilities of the crypto world: he has no intention and no time to download several mobile services and understand their interfaces. All he needs is to quickly and securely conduct all the necessary operations in one app.  

Services that combine the ability to conduct

Trustee Wallet is one of the few wallets that combines the above characteristics. 

In this article we describe what WalletConnect is, how to use it, and how to get the most comfortable access to the DeFi.

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol designed to connect cryptocurrency wallets to decentralized exchanges (DEX) and apps (DApps) by scanning a QR code or via Deep-Link (a link leading to a mobile app).

Users can securely interact with any decentralized applications (exchanges), unlike browser extensions or desktop wallets.

Why do I need WalletConnect in my wallet?

How to use WalletConnect is a very relevant question against the background of the growing interest in decentralized platforms. Using WalletConnect in a wallet allows you to solve several important tasks at once:

  • an easy and fast way to log in to DeFi,

  • no need to search for and install various programs,

  • secure and fast connection,

  • saving time,

  • no registrations,

  • Direct exchange of your balances to DeFi tokens and back.

How to use WalletConnect - step by step instructions

As we have already discussed above, WalletConnect significantly extends the functionality of a service because it gives the user easy access to the DeFi. 

Connecting your Trustee wallet to a DeFi-platform using Wallet Connect is very easy. Below we attach screenshots that demonstrate how to do this.

Изображение 2024 05 28 222828287 Изображение 2024 05 28 222854134 Изображение 2024 05 28 222921876

Don't forget to check the addresses of the sites in your browser address bar before connecting your wallet. Connecting to a fraudulent site can result in the loss of your funds.

It's about the same for most other sites. You are required to find this button, click it, and select the Wallet Connect method. The site will generate a unique QR code to connect.  

Download Trustee Wallet

Here are the instructions:

1. This QR code must be scanned with your wallet. To do this run the application Trustee Wallet, on the main screen at the top right click QR code scanner, and align the image QR code with the designated area in the scanner and confirm the connection in the window that appears.

Изображение 2024 05 28 223121820

2. As soon as you confirm the connection request, the wallet will show you the connection settings page. Pay attention to the second and third items. The second item shows the name of the interface connected to the wallet and contains "Connect" and "Press to Stop" connection buttons. Also added is the "Paranoid Logout" function.

This function will automatically break the connection of the wallet with the site as soon as you close the settings window.

Изображение 2024 05 28 223152776

3. After a successful connection to the site you can see your address and the balance of available funds for the exchange.

4. All you have to do is select the required pair and make the exchange.
Изображение 2024 05 28 223243359

5. If you did not enable the "Paranoid Logout" function, and you left the Wallet Connect connection settings window, it is easy to come back - on the main screen, to the right of the balance you can see the corresponding inscription, pressing which will open the connection settings window again.

Изображение 2024 05 28 223402522

6. Complete the connection as soon as you finish working with the site.

The world of cryptocurrency offers a lot of opportunities, but you have to use them with caution and study different platforms carefully.

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