How to check your Monero balance if it doesn't show up in your wallet

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During network updates (forks) or unstable operation of the Monero node, it may be difficult to display the current XMR balance or send coins. This does not affect the safety of your assets and your actual balance in any way, but it is an inconvenience. On average, it takes about 10 days to restore Monero, but if you need to exchange or send XMR urgently, you can export your private keys to the official Monero wallet and temporarily manage your funds there.

Attention! When you import private keys to a third-party app, you take full responsibility for the safety of your funds. Do not share your private keys with third parties or support. Do not enter them into suspicious forms or applications!

Steps to restore a wallet on a PC

  • Download and install Monero GUI Wallet from the official website according to your PC OS version;

  • Open the application and select Restore wallet from keys or mnemonic seed);

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  • Specify the name of the wallet, the path to store data and select Restore from keys;

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  • In Trustee Wallet, in the Monero page, go to settings (4 dots) and select Private Keys;

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  • Move the Address, Private ViewKey and Private SpendKey to the appropriate fields in the Monero GUI Wallet. Set the Restore height to 1;

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  • Click the Next button, set a password and wait for the wallet to sync data with the Monero network;

  • After successful synchronization, your current Monero address balance will be displayed, now you can send XMR from your address.

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To restore your wallet on mobile devices, you can use the Cake Wallet app. The recovery procedure is similar.

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