How to register

Registering with the Trustee Plus is very easy and the whole process takes a few minutes.


  1. Download an app Trustee Plus from the App Store or Google Play and install it on your smartphone;
    How to Register

2.     Click on the “Sing up” in the app and enter your phone number;
How to Register

3.     Enter the code received in SMS message or in Telegram;
How to Register

4.     Go through verification;
How to Register

5.     It’s ready! Your Trustee Plus is ready to go!
How to Register

 In Trustee Plus, you can set up protection in several ways:

  • set a pin code;
  • connect face or finger scanner verification – Face ID or Touch ID;
  • enable two-factor authentication with e-Mail and Google Authenticator.


The Trustee Plus is available only on Android and iOS smartphones. There are no app versions for laptops and desktops.