Best Ripple Wallet for Android

Introducing the leading Ripple wallet for Android users. Take advantage of our top-rated app, providing safe storage, fluid transactions, and easy accessibility. Confidently oversee your Ripple investments, wherever your journey takes you.

Benefits of the Android Ripple Wallet - Trustee Plus

Experience the smoothest Ripple trading with Trustee Plus, offering a worry-free method to buy and sell cryptocurrency.
– order cryptocard and pay Ripple anywhere;
– card with 0% commission and free service;
– support not only Ripple, but 30+ other assets as well;
– buy, exchange, transfer and sell in one universal service.
Enjoy the benefits of smart crypto management with Trustee Plus on your Android device.


  • What is a Ripple Wallet?

    A Ripple Wallet is a service for managing XRP cryptocurrency: storing, receiving, sending, buying and selling it. The best Ripple Wallets today support not only XRP, but also other currencies for instant  exchanges and fast operations on the crypto market. One such wallet is the Trustee Plus.

  • How to Get a Ripple Wallet?

    You don’t need any special knowledge to get a Ripple Wallet. All you have to do is installing the Trustee Plus on your smartphone and follow the instructions for a quick registration and verification. After that, the wallet is ready for the first transaction. All kinds of transactions are simple and take only a few steps.

  • How to Create a Ripple Wallet?

    To create a XRP Wallet, all you need is the Internet and a smartphone:

    • go to the AppStore or GooglePlay from your phone;
    • find the Trustee Plus and start the free installation;
    • enter your phone number and complete your registration.

    Once done, verify and open up access to profitable transactions and low fees.

  • What is a Ripple Wallet Address?

    The cryptocurrency address of your Ripple Wallet is the address for you to receive funds from other users. It is also used to retrieve account status and related transactions. With wallets such as the Trustee Plus, you can receive funds not only by address, but also by phone number and QR.

  • How to Recover a Ripple Wallet?

    To restore a Ripple (XRP) Wallet in the Trustee Plus service, contact support and follow the instructions. Technical support is available at any time of the day or night. To avoid the need for recovery, the service offers security settings: TouchID or FaceID connection, two-factor authentication via e-Mail and Google Authenticator.

  • How to Send Ripple to Another Wallet?

    To send XRP to another wallet, you need its crypto-address. To send XRP to the Ripple Wallet in the Trustee Plus, go to the XRP menu and select “Transfer”. In the “Transfer by Crypto-address” section, paste the recipient’s address or scan the QR. You can also transfer funds to another Trustee user by phone number or profile ID.

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