Best Monero Wallet for iPhone

Discover the best Monero wallet for your iPhone in the Trustee Plus multi-currency service. This innovative platform offers secure storage, seamless transactions, and straightforward access. Manage your Monero investments confidently and hassle-free, all from a single mobile application.

Benefits of the iOS Monero Wallet - Trustee Plus

Trustee Plus presents you with an exceedingly convenient Monero wallet for your iPhone. Enjoy profitable transactions across a multitude of cryptocurrencies. Avail 0% fees for stablecoin exchanges and crypto transfers, deposit via credit card, and pay with your cryptocard. Make the most of your crypto transactions with Trustee on your iPhone.


  • What is a Monero Wallet?

    Monero Wallet is a piece of software used to manage XMRs on smartphones, computers or dedicated devices. Such software is supposed to provide secure storage of assets, transfer them to other wallets, and buy and sell them to a credit card. A wallet like the Trustee Plus has all these features and a whole list of other benefits.

  • How to Get a Monero Wallet?

    To get the Monero Wallet, all you need is a smartphone with internet access and a few minutes of your time. Search AppStore or GooglePlay for the Trustee Plus mobile wallet. After installation, complete registration (1 min) and verification (2-3 minutes). After that, the wallet is ready to work.

  • How to Create a Monero Wallet?

    To create a Monero Wallet you only need to follow three steps:

    • download the Trustee Plus mobile service onto your smartphone for free;
    • complete a quick registration via phone number and SMS code;
    • get verified and discover all the features of the Trustee Plus.

    After that, the wallet is ready to work and top up with Monero.

  • What is a Monero Wallet Address?

    The Monero Wallet address is the crypto address for receiving funds from other wallets. To find out your address, go to the Monero management menu in the Trustee Plus and select “Transfer”. You will find the address in the “Crypto-Address Transfer” section. You can copy it or send it as a QR code via the “Share” button.

  • How to Recover Monero Wallet?

    Many of the standard wallets store the recovery phrase on the device itself, which means loss of funds along with the wallet. This problem can be avoided with the Trustee Plus. Even if you lose your device, you can restore your Monero Wallet to another smartphone. To do this, simply contact the service’s support and find out the next steps.

  • How to Send Monero to Another Wallet?

    To send Monero to another wallet you need to know its cryptocurrency address. Never overwrite the address by hand – copy it or get it as a QR code. This helps to avoid mistakes. It’s even easier to transfer XMR by phone number. The XMR wallet from the Trustee Plus service has this feature – with zero fees.

Download Monero Wallet for iPhone

Obtain your Monero wallet from the Trustee Plus today and ensure the safety of all your cryptocurrencies! Go to the AppStore or GooglePlay and get the app at no cost. Follow the given instructions to register – your phone number is all you need.