Best TrueUSD Wallet App

Take the first step towards experiencing financial freedom with our TrueUSD wallet, buy/sell, and exchange platform! Access a secure account in moments to start exchanging without facing excessive delays. Open up your world of possibilities today!

Benefits of the TrueUSD Wallet - Trustee Plus

Safeguard your digital assets with Trustee – the reliable platform for TrueUSD! Make any transaction from anywhere with just a few simple steps: buy crypto with peace of mind using your debit or credit card, keep your funds safe and transfer money anywhere in the world with total privacy and security. Enjoy fast and dependable cryptocurrency transactions, with Trustee!

Efficiency - do not overpay

0% fee for any cryptocurrency Top up 

Instant buy-sell execution at best exchange rates

Borderless instant and 0 % fee transfers


Bank without bank restrictions

Fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins all in one

Free instant borderless transfers 

Innovative security

Backed by distributed protocols

The best approaches and multiple security factor  

Real-time audit technology

Easy to Use

Just install Trustee Plus and register  

Buy or receive TrueUSD (TUSD) simply 

Transfer TUSD to any of your friend just using contact book

How to Use TUSD Wallet?

Trustee is ushering in a new era of digital asset management, providing users with unprecedented convenience and security for vital crypto transactions. Our innovative platform makes it easy to receive, buy, exchange, or sell cryptocurrencies swiftly and confidently. Enjoy the ease of cryptocurrency transactions with Trustee – the perfect solution for secure crypto operations worldwide.

How to Top Up

Make your trip to the cryptocurrency frontier worry-free with Trustee! Our platform offers easygoing top-ups to crypto wallets, so you can maximize your pleasure from every account action. By choosing your own way to deposit funds – via bank card or crypto transfer – you get complete freedom of action. Unlock the full potential of the digital asset market and revolutionize the way you handle your financials.

To top up your TrueUSD wallet, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen of Trustee Plus, find and click the asset – TrueUSD;
  • Then click on the “Top Up” button;
  • Copy the address (alphanumeric code) and provide it to the sender;
  • Or, you can share it with the QR code by clicking the “Share” button.

You can also receive TUSD by phone number or Trustee Plus user ID.

How to Swap

Trustee is the ultimate platform for rapid, effortless, and secure crypto swapping. Exchange coins without delays or hang-ups with just one click, gaining complete control over your digital assets. Enjoy instant and secure coin-to-coin exchange to explore the world of cryptocurrency without ever leaving the platform. And with the latest in encryption technology, you can rest assured that your funds are in safe hands. Trustee makes crypto swapping a breeze, enabling you to start exploring the possibilities of cryptocurrency today.

To exchange TrueUSD (TUSD) click on the “Swap” button for the main screen or TUSD screen then:

  • Select what you give – TrueUSD (TUSD) and crypto you want to receive;
  • Enter the exchange amount or click on percent buttons to automatically calculate the amount from your balance;
  • Now you can see the exact amount to receive and rate;
  • Verify the swap amount and click the Swap button.
  • That is that simple
How to Transfer

Unlock the ultimate cryptocurrency experience with Trustee! Make managing your cryptocurrencies easy and effortless, with lightning-fast, and risk-free transfers. Enjoy seamless secure transactions and make crypto hassle-free today! With Trustee, you can be sure of smooth operations with the ultimate benefits. Make the most of every trade and experience the future of cryptocurrency with Trustee!

Trustee Plus offers list of transfers types:

  • Instant and free transfer to Trustee Plus user using anonymous ID
  • Instant and free transfer to not yet Trustee Plus user using cell phone number
  • Transfer to credit or debit card like Visa
  • Transfer to IBAN account 
  • Transfer using TrueUSD (TUSD) address
Download Trustee Plus TUSD Wallet

Unlock the amazing features of TUSD with a free download.


  • What is a TrueUSD Wallet App?

    A TrueUSD wallet app is a digital application that allows users to store and manage their TrueUSD tokens. It also enables users to send and receive payments, as well as check their token balance. Additionally, the app allows for quick and easy exchanges between TrueUSD and other cryptocurrencies.

  • What is the Best TrueUSD Wallet App?

    There are many reasons why Trustee Plus is the best TrueUSD wallet app. To start, it is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate. It also has a very sleek design that makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at. But most importantly, Trustee Plus offers the highest level of security possible when it comes to storing your TrueUSD. With multiple layers of protection, your funds will be safe and secure with Trustee Plus. So if you’re looking for the best way to store your TrueUSD, then be sure to download Trustee Plus today!

  • What is a TrueUSD Wallet Address?

    A TrueUSD Wallet Address is a specialized form of digital address used to store and transact with TrueUSD cryptocurrency. It consists of 26-35 alphanumeric characters that represent a destination on the Ethereum blockchain where funds can be sent and stored securely. The address also contains an optional checksum feature to help protect against errors caused by typos or other user mistakes when entering the wallet address into an exchange or software wallet.