Best Monero Wallet App

Access the thrilling realm of cryptocurrency with ease – experience unbridled freedom and secure transactions on our Monero wallet, buy/sell, and exchange platform! Make one click, and you’ll be ready to explore this exciting world without wasting time hunting for competitive rates and trustworthy service providers. Unlock the boundless potential of the crypto world now!

Benefits of the Monero Wallet - Trustee Plus

Trustee Plus makes it easy to securely buy and accept payments in Monero quickly and safely. In a few minutes, you can use your credit or debit card for fast and secure transactions that are both private and reliable. At lightning speed, you can send free transfers anywhere in the world. Trustee Plus ensures the highest levels of security and privacy for all transactions and payment processing. Feel the wings of financial freedom at your back with Trustee Plus!

Efficiency - do not overpay

0% fee for any cryptocurrency Top up 

Instant buy-sell execution at best exchange rates

Borderless instant and 0 % fee transfers


Bank without bank restrictions

Fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins all in one

Free instant borderless transfers 

Innovative security

Backed by distributed protocols

The best approaches and multiple security factor  

Real-time audit technology

Easy to Use

Just install Trustee Plus and register  

Buy or receive Monero simply 

Transfer XMR to any of your friend just using contact book

How to Use XMR Wallet?

Trustee Plus is transforming the crypto industry, enabling users to confidently and conveniently conduct digital asset operations in an accessible manner. In just a few steps, without being a pro, you can receive coins, buy, exchange, or sell them with full security and for maximum benefit. Experience maximum convenience and security with Trustee Plus – the perfect solution for secure crypto operations worldwide.

How to Top Up

Unlock the potential of cryptocurrency and open up a world of opportunities with Trustee Plus! Our platform makes it easy to refill your wallet via bank cards or free transfers, so you can gain maximum profits without any added costs. Enjoy the convenience of digital assets and explore the limitless possibilities of the future of finance with Trustee Plus. Unlock the full potential of the digital asset market and revolutionize the way you manage your finances.

To top up your Monero wallet, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen of Trustee Plus, find and click the asset – Monero;
  • Then click on the “Top Up” button;
  • Copy the address (alphanumeric code) and provide it to the sender;
  • Or, you can share it with the QR code by clicking the “Share” button.

You can also receive XMR by phone number or Trustee Plus user ID.

How to Swap

Exchange whatever crypto-coin you want, whenever and however you like, with Trustee Plus! Instant swaps are here to revolutionize the way we exchange crypto – making it easier, faster and more secure. With Trustee Plus, you can quickly and confidently explore the world of cryptocurrency, juggling assets as you wish. Enjoy instant and secure coin-to-coin exchange, giving you complete control over your digital assets. And with the latest in encryption technology, you can trust that your funds are in safe hands. Unlock the power of seamless crypto swapping with Trustee Plus today!

To exchange Monero (XMR) click on the “Swap” button for the main screen or XMR screen then:

  • Select what you give – Monero (XMR) and crypto you want to receive;
  • Enter the exchange amount or click on percent buttons to automatically calculate the amount from your balance;
  • Now you can see the exact amount to receive and rate;
  • Verify the swap amount and click the Swap button.
  • That is that simple
How to Transfer

Experience effortless freedom with Trustee Plus and enjoy crypto transactions made easy! Transfer money for free with near-instant speed, convenience, and security – all from the comfort of your own home. Transfer assets even to your contacts from a phone book as easily as an ordinary message – bring financial freedom into their lives with Trustee Plus. Unlock a whole new level of convenience with Trustee Plus and gain access to unparalleled cryptocurrency services today!

Trustee Plus offers list of transfers types:

  • Instant and free transfer to Trustee Plus user using anonymous ID
  • Instant and free transfer to not yet Trustee Plus user using cell phone number
  • Transfer to credit or debit card like Visa
  • Transfer to IBAN account 
  • Transfer using Monero (XMR) address
Download Trustee Plus XMR Wallet

Get ready to experience blazing-fast transactions with the Monero wallet – download and install the app completely freely and effortlessly


  • What is a Monero Wallet App?

    A Monero wallet app is a mobile application that allows users to send and receive the cryptocurrency Monero. It provides users with an added layer of security, allowing them to securely store their digital assets while also keeping track of all their transactions. The wallets are usually built with open-source technology, so they can be easily integrated into existing web and mobile applications. Additionally, some apps provide additional features such as advanced transaction tracking, real-time exchange rate monitoring, message encryption and more.

  • What is the Best Monero Wallet App?

    Trustee Plus is said to be the best Monero wallet app due to its advanced security features and user-friendly interface. It provides top-level encryption protection for users’ private data, ensuring that all activities are kept safe and secure from hackers. Trustee Plus also makes it easy for users to manage their digital assets with its intuitive design, making it simple for new and experienced crypto traders alike to safely store their funds. Additionally, Trustee Plus offers a wide range of support options, so users can get help when they need it most. With these features and more, Trustee Plus offers one of the most reliable solutions available on the market today.

  • What is a Monero Wallet Address?

    A Monero wallet address is a public identifier that allows users to receive and store Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency. A wallet address consists of 95 characters, including both letters and numbers, beginning with the letter “4”. It also serves as your username when you log in to your Monero wallet account. You can share this address with others, so they can send you XMR tokens. It is important to keep your wallet address safe and secure at all times since it carries sensitive information about transactions made through the blockchain.