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Trustee Plus is the optimum platform to purchase XRP with the lowest charges. It offers security and profitable transactions.

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Benefits to Buy XRP via Trustee Plus

Trustee Plus enables secure and private transactions for purchasing XRP. Obtain XRP effortlessly and securely, either through a debit or credit card, or by trading another cryptocurrency for XRP. All you need is a European bank card from any payment system – Visa, Maestro etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Buy XRP with a Credit Card?

    In the Trustee Plus you can buy XRP from a credit card for euros. To do this, install the wallet on your phone and register. After verification, go to the EUR menu and click on “Deposit”. Enter your details and complete the transaction. Once you have received the EUR, you will be able to exchange them for XRP.

  • What is the Best Way to Buy XRP?

    One of the best ways to buy XRP online is a mobile service such as the Trustee Plus. You can use it to buy and sell XRP with credit card, exchange and transfer them to Trustee users with zero fees. You can also order a cryptocard from the Trustee Plus and pay with it around the world.

  • Where to Buy XRP?

    Today, there are many options for buying XRP – exchanges, online services, crypto ATM – but the easiest and most convenient way is a mobile service. With an app like the Trustee Plus, you can buy XRP with a credit card for euros and other currencies. 

  • How Much XRP Should I Buy?

    Many wallets require at least 20 XRP in your account to activate an XRP wallet – otherwise the wallet will not work. But there is no such requirement with the Trustee Plus – you can make transactions with Ripple at any balance and buy XRP with a credit card at any amount.

  • What Can You Buy with XRP?

    Ripple is an ecosystem focused on cross-currency payments around the world. You can use it to buy just about anything, depending on your capabilities and your wallet. By ordering a cryptocard from the Trustee Plus, you can pay for anything with XRP, and there you can top up your account by buying XRP with your credit card.

  • When to Buy XRP?

    XRP, like cryptocurrencies in general, is highly volatile, that is, it changes price frequently in relation to fiat currencies. To buy XRP at the one of the best prices, track the rate in special currency explorers. You will find such an explorer in the Markets section of the Trustee Plus and you can also set up rate notifications there.

Buy Ripple Using the Trustee Plus

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