Best Bitcoin Wallet for iPhone

Uncover the ultimate Bitcoin wallet for iPhone. One such innovative wallet is the Trustee Plus multi-currency service. It provide safe storage, effortless transactions, and easy access. Manage your Bitcoin investments with confidence and peace of mind in the world from a single mobile app.

Benefits of the iOS Bitcoin Wallet - Trustee Plus

With the Trustee Plus, you will find a very convenient Bitcoin wallet for iPhone. You’ll find profitable transactions with over 30 cryptocurrencies. Enjoy a 0% fee for stablecoin exchanges and crypto transfers, deposit via credit card, and pay with your cryptocard. Experience smarter crypto operations with the Trustee on your iPhone.


  • What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

    A Bitcoin Wallet is a platform for BTC transactions: transferring, receiving, buying, selling and storing. Anyone who wants to use Bitcoin should have a wallet. 

    The best bitcoin wallet offers additional features: security settings, phone transfers, cryptocurrency payments and more. Trustee Plus is a wallet that has all these features and favorable terms for all transactions.

  • How to Get a Bitcoin Wallet?

    To get the best Bitcoin Wallet, install the Trustee Plus app on smartphone – via a link from the official website or enter the name in AppStore or GooglePlay search. The Trustee Plus is a free mobile app for managing BTC and other assets. After entering the phone number, confirm it via SMS, go through the verification and get started.

  • How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet?

    To create a BTC wallet in the crypto bank Trustee Plus, install it for free on your Android or iOS smartphone and register with your phone number. After security settings and identity verification, the wallet is ready to handle BTC and 30+ other types of assets.

  • What is a Bitcoin Wallet Address?

    After setting up a Bitcoin wallet, each user gets their own personal account, a cryptocurrency address. This is needed to manage and receive assets from other BTC holders. The best BTC Wallet can also send BTC by QR code, phone number, etc. The Trustee Plus is the service which has all this capability.

  • How to Recover Bitcoin Wallet?

    A Bitcoin Wallet app like the Trustee Plus allows you to quickly restore access to your funds if you lose access. All you need to do is contact the 24/7 support team – from any menu in the app – by clicking on the “Trustee” icon in the top right corner.

  • How to send Bitcoin to another wallet?

    To transfer Bitcoin to Bitcoin Wallet app Trustee Plus, select BTC and transfer method. Transfers by cryptoaddress, QR, phone number, profile ID and login are available for each user. All operations are as simple as possible and take no more than a couple of minutes.

    Transfers by number, ID and login have a 0% fee.

Download Bitcoin Wallet for iPhone

Get your Bitcoin wallet from the Trustee Plus today and secure all your cryptocurrencies with assurance! Go to the AppStore or GooglePlay and download the app for free. Then follow the instructions – all you need to register is your phone number.