Best BCH Wallet for Android

Discover the ideal BCH wallet for Android users. Our highly-rated app offers secure storage, hassle-free transactions, and easy accessibility. Manage your BCH investments with confidence, no matter where you are.

Benefits of the Android BCH Wallet - Trustee Plus

Trustee Plus provides a seamless BCH experience, delivering a secure method to buy and sell crypto:
– refill crypto with 0% commission, buy with your bank card;
– transfer and exchange BCH quickly and easily at the current rate;
– pay for BCH with cryptocard on the favorable conditions.
Embrace the next stage of intelligent crypto operations with Trustee Plus on your Android device.


  • What is a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

    Bitcoin Cash Wallet is a piece of software that allows you to store and manage BCH: transfer to other addresses, buy with a credit card, sell for euros and other fiat currencies. The Trustee Plus has all of these features and more. It supports 30+ cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currencies such as the euro etc.

  • How to Get a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

    To get the Bitcoin Cash Wallet, download the Trustee Plus app to your smartphone (Android or iOS). Go through a quick phone number registration and verification, and you’ll get a wallet with three dozen digital assets and an expanded list of features. For example, buy from card, quick exchange, cryptocurrency, market explorer.

  • How to Create a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

    The Trustee Plus supports over thirty types of cryptocurrencies. By creating a Bitcoin Cash Wallet you create a wallet for all currencies at once with a total balance on the main menu. To do this, download and install the application, and then go through registration and verification. After that, the service is immediately ready for use.

  • What is a Bitcoin Cash Wallet Address?

    A cryptocurrency address is a special identifier for a crypto wallet. Other users can use it to send funds. To top up from another address, share your address with the sender. In the Bitcoin Cash Wallet from the Trustee Plus app you can send the address as a QR code using the “Share” button.

  • How to Recover Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

    No recovery phrase is needed to restore the Bitcoin Cash Wallet from the Trustee Plus service. All you need to do is contact support and follow the instructions. You will find its icon on every app screen in the top right corner. Each user of the Trustee can set up the security of their wallet – enabling TouchID/FaceID, two-factor authentication.

  • How to Send Bitcoin Cash to Another Wallet?

    To send to another address, go to the BCH management menu in Bitcoin Cash Wallet from the Trustee Plus. Click on “Transfer” and choose a method. For example, transfer by crypto-address or QR. Or transfer by the Trustee user’s phone number, username or profile ID. In this case the fee will be 0% and the transfer will take a few seconds.

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